Let’s kick start the year with our first KUPSA event!

What’s happening? –  Sexual Health talk / Q&A workshop

Members of the LGBT society have kindly agreed to deliver this session presenting a fantastic opportunity to learn from a relatively unique patient demographic.

For us studying to become healthcare professionals, this is a great chance to engage in current matters and a prominent topic such as sexual health. There is also the added bonus of this contributing to your continued professional development.

Don’t forget to have fun, food & drink, banter and meet other members of the KUPSA and LGBT community.

Date- 13/10/16

Time-  19:00

Location-  The Penrhyn Road, Student Union

Who-  All members are invited to come along.

Please bring an email/screenshot to confirm your membership and if you haven’t already signed up please find the link below.


We look forward to seeing you all there!