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Who we are?

Kingston University Pharmacy Students Association (KUPSA) is an exclusive society for pharmacy students at Kingston University. We aim to integrate and develop all pharmacy students as they progress through the MPharm course. KUPSA plans and runs sessions which will allow future pharmacists to mingle and socialise in a fun and educational environment outside of the lecture hall.

What we do?

We are an empowering and interlocked committee that run several academic and non academic sessions. We are growing bigger and better than ever before and welcome any ideas from the basics of running support sessions or movie nights to our flagship event, the extravagant pharmacy ball.

We not only provide a CV building opportunity but also boost personal development especially through socialising with other year groups.

A brief annual forecast:

  • Supportive academic sessions will run such as OSCE and APC preparation
  • The Big Fat Quiz- an informal style of reinforcing knowledge, organised by students, so double the fun!
  • Social events to encourage integration which can be anything from a Christmas dinner to KUPSA sports day!
  • And finally the pharmacy ball taking place at the end of every year where any KUPSA member is welcome!

Our new “Prescription”, i.e newsletter, will make sure you do not miss out on any of the fun that you will want to be a part of this year

Become a member today!

Becoming a KUPSA member has numerous benefits:

Educational advice for your upcoming year
Networking opportunities with students on the course
Access to pharmacy-related projects outside of the curriculum
Representation for any issues that may arise
Possibilities to enhance your CV and stand out from the crowd
And much more…
Membership for the academic year is now £5 and open to all Kingston University students.

Once you’ve clicked through to the KUSU website, click ‘Join this Group’. On the next page, click the big purple ‘Students Click Here to Login’ button on the left and log-in as normal. Select the membership type and then confirm. Proceed to checkout and once payment is complete… welcome as the newest member of the Kingston University Pharmacy Students’ Association!